Cool your garage with an Insulated Garage Door.

IGD are a WA owned company, we are the leading supplier of Insulated Sectional Garage Doors in Perth.

We supply and install sectional Polyurethane garage doors for all home styles and commercial applications throughout Western Australia.

We have a range of door styles and colours in stock and can usually install your new door within 2-3 weeks of being ordered.

Products are the result of 16 years of testing and improvement.

People often say "my garage is too hot" or how can I cool my garage?

Our door panels have a Polyurethane core between two sheets of galvanised steel and are painted on both sides giving an outstanding finish. Because our door panels are made using an insulated core they keep your garage cool. Our customers frequently tell us they are amazed at the difference our doors make.Our doors are ideal for all situations, whether you are living in the hills surrounded by bush, in a built up area or along the coast where salt air and winter storms often leave a trail of destruction.

Our Fire Resistant Garage Door Panels are capable of withstanding fire in excess of 2900 degrees celcius! Once the flame has been removed the panels will self extinguish and will not continue to burn! Our door panels combined with our unique weather seals are perfect for homes surrounded by bush where there may be a threat of fire.

In a Nutshell

  • 40mm High density Polyurethane Insulation in every panel
  • Insulation properties better than 3 double brick walls!
  • Amazing acoustic properties, perfect for homes near major roads or garage band rehearsals
  • Double sided painted finish on all doors with a 10 year warranty
  • Childproof Finger protection tracks
  • Low headroom garage door tracks with a clearance required of just of 200mm!
  • Quiet belt driven openers with a 5 year warranty
  • The quietest garage doors in WA
  • Wireless security keypads
  • Interior wall mounted wireless door openers
  • 3 deluxe remote controls with every garage door supplied
  • Powder coated tracks and hardware

The above components are standard issue with every door sold!

Wholesale Direct

IGD sell and transport garage door products all over Australia WA, talk to IGD today about the benefits of adding our Energy Efficient Garage Doors to your home or business product line.

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