Garage Door Openers Built Like No Other

The new IGD garage door openers are like no other, with a modern design and functionality. Super quiet and powerlift DC motors ensure a soft start and stop every time. Our belt driven garage door openers not only ensure smooth door movements but also mean there is no noise from rattling and noisy chains.

We offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty with our garage door openers, warranties are subject to yearly maintenance inspections being performed.


Safety - Smart Garage Door Openers

Safety sensors built into our openers ensure that if an obstacle is encountered during the doors movement it will stop immediately.

Garage Door Openers Built Like No Other

One of the easiest garage door openers to program with fully adjustable settings.

Settings that are variable include:

  • Closing Gap (between the door and the lintel)
  • Opening Force (increase or decrease the lifting force)
  • Closing Force
  • Auto Close (Used to automatically close your garage door after a set period of time)

Secure - Garage Doors

The Motor has overheating and runtime protection, with over one billion codes it's impossible for someone to have the same code to open your door.

Intelligent - Garage Sensors and Soft Start

Soft starting and stopping makes the door move steadily, decreasing impact on the door and diminishes the noise.

Remotes - Garage Access

Three keyright remotes come with every garage door opener, additional remotes can be ordered if required.

Super Quiet Belt Driven Openers

Super quiet and reliable belt drives are standard issue. No more noisey chains rattling as your door is opening or closing, you won't beleive the difference it makes!

Wireless Security Keypad

Don't hide a spare key, access your property without keys or remotes, never be locked out again with a wireless security keypad. This is normally an optional extra with other company's, at IGD where you get real value for money it is standard issue!

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