This is the most frequently asked question by anyone looking for a new garage door.

Well it all depends on the type of door you are looking for and what characteristics are important to you? There are 3 main types of garage doors and they are all quite different.

Roller Doors

A roller door (one that rolls up into a bundle at the top of the garage opening) is the cheapest of all garage doors. It is somewhat out of date these days but it is still used. These doors are usually installed on units or on homes that are rented out. They offer basic security for your car but little in the way of style.

Standard Sectional Garage Doors (Panel Doors)

Next we have the more frequently used doors of today referred to as a sectional garage doors. These doors are made of individual panels, usually 4 or 5 panels are used to make the correct door height.

Sectional garage doors operate differently to roller doors, when sectional doors are opened they move backwards, underneath and parallel to your garage ceiling. There are a few added benefits with this style of door.

What is the best Garage Door?

Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated Garage Doors are the complete package.

  • Firstly because the door doesn't roll up in a bundle it saves space and allows for more height when entering your garage. This is a great benefit for anyone driving a four wheel drive, often roller doors are replaced with sectional doors for this reason alone.
  • The next big advantage is that sectional doors look better. Because of the way the door is made it allows for more detail and style to be added during the manufacturing of the door.

A sectional door can vary dramatically in price depending a lot on who's selling it and what it is made from. Most sectional doors are made from a single sheet of steel that has been rolled and pressed into shape.

  • Custom made sectional doors are made from timber, aluminium, perspex or a combination of all three. Their price can anywhere from $5500 - $7500.

Wouldn't you rather have a door that performs and looks great!

Here at IGD we recommend insulated garage doors, because they are a better quality garage door.

Why are they better?

  • Because you have all the great features of a sectional door as well as the benefit of polyurethane insulation. Our doors prevent the transfer of energy, they will stop the heat entering your garage on our hot summer days and stop the transfer of warmth out through your garage during the winter. Standard sectional doors offer no protection in either direction.
  • They are sectional and operate in very low headroom, giving you better height access.
  • They only require 200mm to operate in. The lowest of any sectional door!
  • They are insulated with 40mm of polyurethane insulation injected between the front and back steel sheets.
  • They are painted on both sides giving you a superior finish.
  • They have weather seals around the entire perimeter of the door. Our doors do not rattle in the wind and do not allow any dirt or dust to enter your garage when the door is shut.
  • Our door hardware and tracks are powdercoated, it not only looks better but performs better in coastal situations.
  • We only use belt driven openers, no more rattling chains.
  • Our insulated garage doors are the quietest garage doors in Perth, because they are solid panels they do not transfer noise or sound like a tin can when opening and closing.
  • They block out virtually all road noise, perfect for anyone living on or near a busy road.
  • They are available in different colours and styles.

We have a warehouse full of product

Because we are the importer and wholesalers we have stock on hand and can usually install a door within 2-3 weeks from an order being placed. Our garage doors are competitively priced are installed complete with 2 deluxe remote controls, wireless wall switch, security keypad, belt drive and powder coated tracks and hardware.

What would you rather have? A single sheet of steel called a garage door or a 40mm thick polyurethane insulated garage door?

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