A jammed garage door is no laughing matter, especially when you're in a hurry!

Isn't it strange how it seems to happen at the most inconvenient times like; getting the kids to school on time, going to work when you're already running late, or catching up with friends to go out.

Often a door will jam when you are trying to open it, it starts to go up, making you think it's going to work this time, then just when you're beginning to relax, bam! It jams, again!

There are many reasons a door jams but the most common reason is that the torsion springs are incorrectly tensioned. When the tension of one spring differs from another, problems follow. The first thing you may notice is the door starts to "crab" to one side while opening, this is because one spring is working harder than the other causing the door to be out of alignment. Often this happens and people don't think much of it, until the day it gets stuck!

If you are fortunate re-tensioning of the torsion springs is all that will be required, but the problems associated with incorrect tension can include, springs breaking, doors coming out of the rollers and motors burning out due to increased workloads. These situations can be expensive and are unnecessary; most times they can be avoided by a little preventative maintenance.

All garage doors require maintenance. Garage door suppliers usually recommend annual inspection and adjustment of their product, in fact most warranties are closely tied to annual maintenance schedules being performed, if an annual service is not performed when required your warranty may become void. Inspection and servicing usually takes less than an hour and ensures you get trouble free performance from your garage door.

Here at IGD we recommend you have your insulated garage door inspected and adjusted (if necessary) by our dedicated service technician every 12 months. Our belt driven opener warranty is 5 years and our sectional panels are warrantied for 10 years.

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