C4 Wind load Certified Insulated Garage Doors

IGD supply and fit Insulated garage doors that are engineered for high wind load locations. Our door system is suitable for all regions up to and including C4 wind loads (86mps).

Our engineered system allows for doors to span up to 6m in width and 2675mm in height.

Not only do our doors perform structurally but they provide other advantages as well.

Insulated Panels

The system we provide incorporates a Polyurethane insulated panel. This means that while your door is structurally strong it also helps to keep your garage cool during the hottest months of the year.

If you've walked into your garage when the temperature is above 35 degree's you'll understand how hot they can be. Our panels have an insulation "R" value of 1.77, whereas a standard sectional door has no "R" value.

Weather Seals

Our doors are supplied with our unique weather seal system that prevents dust and dirt from entering your garage space.

When our doors are closed the entire perimeter of the door is sealed by our UV protected rubber seals that are incorporated within our track system, they are not an afterthought.

The system is effective in keeping fine dust and dirt out of you garage by closing gaps between your garage walls and the door.

Powdercoated Tracks and Hardware

A majority of Western Australia's high wind regions are located along our vast coast line.

With this in mind we have developed a product that helps to prevent corrosion whilst improving the aesthetics of the door.

All steel components are galvanized and powdercoated for longevity. This applies to vertical tracks, horizontal tracks, wind braces, hardware components and the belt driven opener rail.

When you consider all of the advantages of our system, it makes sense to install a Cyclone certified Insulated garage door supplied by IGD.

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