Insulated My Garage Door; Transform your Hot & Cold, Noisy Garage into a Comfortable, Quiet, Living and Working Space.

If you'd like to insulated your home garage but don't want to replace you're existing door... there is a solution!

Additional to roof insulation, polystyrene insulation backed onto your garage door can make a considerable difference to moderating the summer heat and winter cold in your garage. During the Australian summer months in particular, metal garage doors can radiate large amounts of heat, making your garage area impractical for use as a workshop, exercise, or living area.

Our Polystyrene Garage Door Insulation Kit reflects these extreme temperatures, making the inside environment more temperate in what is often the least-insulated room in the average Australian home.

Acoustics inside the garage area are also improved by the sound absorbing characteristics of the polystyrene panels that will moderate reverberation and harshness of sound caused by the hard surfaces typical in most garages. This can be good, both for those living inside the house, and for the neighbours too! Door and motor operation will sound quieter as well.

In addition to improved comfort, the more moderate temperatures inside an insulated garage result in less condensation - so less damp and mould, and reduced rusting of the mechanisms caused during periods / nights of extreme cold and wet weather. Most homeowners are likely to experience lower ongoing energy costs as a result.

Insulated Garage Doors recommends our system of polystyrene panels, which we custom-cut to drop into the sectional spaces of your garage door. Just measure up and give us the dimensions of each section. Generally, there will be 4 door sections, each with 4 panels making up the width of a double garage door.

Insulated Garage Doors offer a supply and fitting service at a very affordable rate.

If you prefer to install the panels yourself we also have DIY kits available.

Panel sizes do vary considerably, so be sure to take accurate measurements on the size of each of your door sections. A thickness of 40mm will be a good fit in many cases, though panel thicknesses can range from 30-45mm, so check this dimension too. We will custom-cut to the width, height and thickness you require for each of your door panels.

When fitting the panels, slide the polystyrene boards into / behind the existing flanges. No tools are required for fitting of the panels, which is usually done in less than one hour. (A pair of cotton or rubber gloves can assist with handling and fitting of the panels.)

The firm polystyrene surface finish on the garage door panels does not need to be covered, and many customers appreciate the benefit of the extra light that is reflected from the white panels. The panels can be painted with water based paint if preferred.

These polystyrene panels, at 40mm thick, have an R1.1 thermal resistance rating. This thermal performance is typically stable over decades after installation. Panels are made from firm M grade polystyrene with thermal conductivity of 0.035W/m.K.) The door system value with the panels fitted has a higher R value due to the characteristic of the steel door panels to radiate heat and cold (emissivity) - in this case forced to radiate outside due to the high thermal resistance of the polystyrene panels.

Adhesive is not normally required for fixing the panels, but if you do want to use it we recommend a flexible long-life MS Polymer such as Soudal T-Rex or Rite Power-X adhesive to fix your polystyrene insulation to the garage door. (Do not use solvent-based adhesives, or oil-based paints on these panels.)

A standard set of double garage door panels (usually 16 panels)* will weigh 7kg on average. We recommend adjusting the tension of your doors torsion springs so that your garage door opener is not being overloaded, IGD can also provide this service for you.

All polystyrene sheet made in Australia, including these panels, contains fire retardant. The effect of this additive is that in the case of exposure to small flame sources the panels will self-extinguish when the flame source is removed.

* A set of panels for non-standard height doors up to 3m and beyond (20-30 panels) will weigh more than 7kg, and will incur an additional cost accordingly.

Customer Testimonials witness to recorded temperature decreases of 10C and more in their garage on hot summer days, and moderated winter temperatures, with improved acoustics too.

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